Strongest Badge VI had 346 entries in St. Louis, MO.

Armwrestling Event

July 21-22, 2023

799 Clark Ave. | St. Louis, MO 63102

Referee Seminar:  Friday 6pm

Main Event Armfights:  Friday 8pm

Tournament:  Saturday 12pm until 7pm

*All-night Afterpull Party to follow*

Our goal for Strongest Badge VI is for it not to just be an event, but the ultimate armwrestling experience! Located inside Ballpark Village in St. Louis, MO right next to Busch Stadium, you won’t have to go far to get great food, cocktails, and a plethora of entertainment. Live! by Loews is a beautiful, upscale hotel and venue and we are honored to be partnered with them to bring you our best event to date.

Strongest Badge runs completely paperless, so to speed up registration at the event we urge competitors to fill out their waiver online in advance.  This will not commit you to competition, although you do have the option to pre-register at a discounted rate.  Those that do pre-register will also be allowed express entry to the scales during weigh-ins.

Early Weigh-Ins will be at the Venue Friday at 12pm until 1pm, and 6pm until 8pm

Referee Seminar – Friday @ 6pm | USAA Certifications

Main Event Armfights – Friday @ 8pm


Scott Ballinger (#11) vs. Brent Rakers (#1) – Best of 5 LH @220

Austin Tevis (#2) vs. Dalton Duncan – Best of 5 RH @172

Kevin Palko (#5) vs. Jake Houston  -Best of 5 RH @165

Bo Oleson vs. Mirzad Kablić  -Best of 5 RH @242

Scott Wynn vs. Billy Kruep – Best of 5 RH @190

Cole Kasper (#10) vs. Cody VandeWeerd – Best of 5 RH @176

Sam Taylor (#8) vs. Caleb Velasco – Best of 5 RH @155

Joel Cagle vs. Oscar Anderson – Best of 5 LH @172

Tim Lewis vs. Lincoln Munger – Best of 5 LH @205

799 Clark Avenue | St. Louis, MO 63102

All guests who booked with our block during the discount period will receive access to special seating with table service during the event as well as $2 off domestic bottles, 20% off food and non-alcoholic beverages, well cocktail specials, discounted overnight parking, and complimentary guest room wifi access.


Registration is CLOSED. All competitors that pre-register will be allowed express entry to the scales upon arrival.

Save 20% when you pre-register before 7/11/2023!

*Purchased T-Shirts will be available for pickup at the event.

Official Referees

Sean Hancock, Leonard Harkless, Keith Michel, Pat Beare, Rance Clayton, John Peters, and Beau Edgar.

Weight Classes

PRO: 155, 172, 190, 210, 242, 243+

AMATEUR: 154, 176, 198, 242, 243+

MASTERS (40+): 198, 199+

LADIES (HALF-PRICE): 143, 144+

KIDS (FREE): Constructed on-site. (15 and under)

We will be running 3 Combat Armsports tables with Arm Assassin elbow pads.


Each weight class will run as scheduled in its entirety from start to finish.


Rules Meeting:  11am

Kids, Amateur, Ladies, and Masters bracket check: 11:30am

Pro bracket check: 2:30pm

*All pullers must be present for the bracket check to ensure accuracy.

Table 1

Kids (12pm)

Ladies/Masters Left (12:30pm)

Ladies/Masters Right (1pm)

Amateur Left 154 (1:30pm)

Amateur Right 154 (2pm)

Pro Left 155 (3pm)

Pro Left 172 (4pm)

Pro Right 155 (5pm)

Pro Right 172 (6pm)

Table 2

Amateur Left 242 (12pm)

Amateur Left 243+ (12:40pm)

Amateur Right 242 (1:20pm)

Amateur Right 243+ (2pm)

Pro Left 242 (3pm)

Pro Left 243+ (4pm)

Pro Right 242 (5pm)

Pro Right 243+ (6pm)

Table 3

Amateur Left 176 (12pm)

Amateur Left 198 (12:40pm)

Amateur Right 176 (1:20pm)

Amateur Right 198 (2pm)

Pro Left 190 (3pm)

Pro Left 210 (4pm)

Pro Right 190 (5pm)

Pro Right 210 (6pm)

Awards will be available immediately following the conclusion of each bracket.


This is an Official U.S. Rankings Event.

Tentative Event Schedule


                                                                                                         12-1pm:  Early Weigh-Ins at the Venue

                                                                                                                       6pm:  Referee Seminar

6-8pm: Early Weigh-Ins at the Venue

8pm: Main Event Armfights


9am: Registration Opens at the Venue

11am: Kids, Amateur, Ladies, and Masters Registration Closes

                                                                                                                        11am:  Rules Meeting

12pm: Kids, Amateur, Ladies, and Masters Brackets Begin

1:30pm: Pro Registration Closes

3pm: Pro Brackets Begin

6pm: All-Night Afterpull Party (7+ tables)

Updated 12″ GLADIATORS awarded to the TOP 3 of every PRO class!
5″ Gladiator Medals for the TOP 3 of all AMATEUR, LADIES & MASTERS classes!

Team Competition

When you weigh in, be sure to register with your team so that you can contribute to your team’s points. Based on points (1st-4th) the TOP 3 teams will be presented with a large trophy cup at the conclusion of the event.

Bring the whole team, everyone counts towards your total.


Tournament Director: Bill Schumer (314) 266-2662 

Past Events

SB5  August 14, 2021

SB4  June 13, 2020

SB3  July 20, 2019

SB2  September 8, 2018

SB1  October 21, 2017