2020 CHAMPS: Team RED!

Kent Cox, Chris Tobin & Samantha Byrd

Each year at Strongest Badge, teams Red and Blue go head to head to see who has the strength to come out on top. Teams are built with guys and gals from both sides willing to put their egos aside and battle it out – arm to arm – all to support the BackStoppers. The rivalry is real, but it’s all in fun and benefits a great cause.

Who has the Strongest Badge?

This is a separate “mini-event” from the general tournament and only consists of first responders. We make every attempt to set all of the matches as even and competitive as possible and our certified referees will be there to instruct you and keep you safe.

We’re starting a new tradition this year! All competitors will earn a special half-strap representing their team which shows they had the courage to put their elbow down on the table. Those fortunate enough to be victorious will also receive a Strongest Badge “Win Pin” to add to their strap. These straps and pins will symbolize the dedicated involvement of the heroes in this annual event.

This year we will also be adding a level of excitement to the 50/50 raffle. We will offer RED and BLUE tickets of the same value, however we will pull the winning ticket from the color of the winning team! So not only are you fighting for your team, but you’re fighting for your supporters too!

50/50: 1 for $1, 6 for $5 or an arm’s length for $20!

To join Team Red or Blue for Strongest Badge 5, send us a note to strongestbadge@highdollar.net or give us a call at(314) 266-2662. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! We only ask that you come fully prepared to have a phenomenal day while supporting the BackStoppers!



SB4 (2020) – TEAM RED.  Kent Cox, Chris Tobin & Samantha Byrd.  Team BLUE:  Chuck Fish, Josh Thum & Stephanie Schmidt.

SB3 (2019) – TEAM RED.  Tim Hanke, Kelly D’Angelo, Jordan Govero, Samantha Byrd, Melissa Bittner & Chris Tobin.  Team BLUE:  Blake Perry, Joslyn Stone, Will Cantanzaro, Hajrija Music & Kayla Smith.

SB2 (2018) – TEAM BLUE.  Blake Perry, Eli Brouhard & Kirk Muehlebach.  Team RED:  Kent Cox, Paul Clark & Corey Franklin.

SB1 (2017) – NO CONTEST.  Team RED:  Kent Cox.  Team BLUE:  Kirk Muehlebach.